People live in less than ideal conditions

Without a proper house to live in, statistics show that in 300,000 people in Sri Lanka do not have a real place to call 'home'. Most of these families have very young kids, both parents would be unemployed or live on a daily wage through unskilled labour and do not have other basic amenities like toilets, clean drinking water, electricity etc.


Is all it takes to put a roof over the heads of a family

All who work for the Homes for the Poor are volunteers. There is no cost for administration, marketing or any other organizational activity. Our website is donated and so is the time put in to the work needed to keep the charity running. Thus, the cost per house can be kept as low as possible. If there is any cost, the volunteers involved cover that cost.


Houses built so far and another being built as you read

We carefully select those who need help by looking at the dependents and their current condition of living. We aim to help those most in need first and place special priority in cases where there are little children involved. We start and finish every project as soon as we can and monitor the progress along every step of the way for the benefit of all.

House inclusions

Every house we build is a home

1-2 Bedrooms

A place to sleep

When building a house we always make sure it meets the needs of those that will live in it, and one of the essentials is a place to sleep. We look at the children in the house, their ages and genders and make a concious decision based on all these information when deciding how many bedrooms to have and who will stay in each of these bedrooms.

Kitchen & Toilet

To cater for the basic needs

We include in the house a kitchen and a toilet as we believe these are essentials in any house. Both these are built to basic levels of usability and the kitchen only includes a place to cook. The owner of the house is allowed to have input here and make decisions on various aspects of the design such as having a toilet inside the house or away from it.


For special needs

We take a variety of things into consideration when building a house, sometimes this includes things like chicken coups. The building of a house is not to just provide a place to live, we believe that if we have the capability we should also provide to them a way to make a living. This way may vary but we leave some money for this too.

Who we are

Born in Brisbane in 2006

Homes for the Poor was born in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia as 'Dream Team' – a group of migrant Sri Lankans, seeing the charitable work done by a priest in Buttala, Sri Lanka decided to do their bit by raising funds to build a home for a poor family.

With a big success in the first project and having tasted the sweetness of giving, the dream continued, supporting the priest in Sri Lanka by providing funds for various other projects that included building toilets, a community centre, a pre-school, church grottos and homes for the poor.

By December 2012, the 'Dream Team' had raised funds to build homes for 27 deserving families living in abject poverty. Some of these families were provided additional help through the provision of chicken cages, incubators and other amneties so that they would not only have a place to live but could also earn a living.

With the great success in 6 years, the 'Dream Team' decided to explore the possibility of further strengthening the charitable work by establishing 'Homes for the Poor' as a recognisable force and avenue for giving. The plan is to register Homes for the Poor as a charity and reach donors who would wish to support projects of their choice. It is further hoped that in the future the project will become like the bigger charities around the world but stay 100% for those in need, minimising all other expenditure and being run by the network of dedicated volunteers in Sri Lanka and Australia.

To take a look at our some of work, please visit our Google Drive page: Homes for the Poor on Google Drive
How you can help

Do your part to support our cause


Be the change you want to see

There are thousands of ways that you can fundraise for us and then send us the money - the possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination. Before you do go ahead with anything, or if you need some ideas on what you can do to raise some funds please get in touch with one of the people listed below to make sure that there aren't any potential issues with your plans.

Share the word

Be our voice

We know you have a lot of friends so why not share our work and information with them? Best of all, it costs you nothing, because we know that sometimes you might want to give but you can't, for what ever the reason may be. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other service using the links at the top of the page will help us just as much!


It's how we can help

We can only give as much as we get, and that is exactly what we do. Every cent that you donate goes straight to the people that really deserve it! Right now we do not have any means of donating except through making direct contact with one of the people listed below but looking ahead we will introduce donating straight from this website using your credit card or PayPal account.


Fr. Dilan OMI

Maggona, Sri Lanka


Fr. Dilan Perera is the founder of the charity and handles everything that goes on with it in terms of choosing families, dealing with the funding of the house and ensuring everything goes ahead as planned. He is your contact person if you are in Sri Lanka and will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Jeremy & Arthur

Queensland, Australia


Jeremy has been a part of the movement from the early days and continues to work extensively within it. Get in touch with him for more information on the charity, what we do and feel free to ask him any questions you may have. Jeremy would be your first contact if you are in Queensland or Victoria.


Canberra, Australia


Stephen only joined the charity recently and was present at the opening of a home at the end of 2012. Seeing the work done by the charity he will work closely to make the dreams of many a reality. Stephen is your first contact if you live around NSW, Victoria (shared with Jeremy) or the ACT.